About Us

About Our Founder, Don Magee

Don Magee

Mr. Magee has over twenty (20) years of law enforcement experience, ranging from patrolman to chief of police. He is a graduate of the National F.B.I Academy, in Quantico Virginia. Since establishing A Beeline Bonding, he has been a member of the Professional Bail Agents Association of Mississippi. He served on the board of directors of this organization for three years, then was elected president.

With his many years of public service and his knowledge of the criminal justice system, he is dedicated to assisting his clients through a system that at times can be very complex and frightening.

How We Got Started

On April 8, 1998, A Beeline Bonding was established as a professional bail bonding company.

Since starting the business, founder Don McGee has used his many years of experience with law enforcement and in the criminal justice system to make A Beeline Bonding the most client-centered business in the area we serve.

For example, when he was in law enforcement, he was dismayed by how often people released on bail would miss their court dates, simply through forgetfulness or distraction. The companies that posted the bail bonds did nothing to help – they simply posted the bond and forgot about the client unless they failed to appear. In some cases, failing to appear can turn a misdemeanor offense into a felony, with much more serious consequences. When he started this business, he determined to care more about his clients than this, so one of the best benefits of using A Beeline Bonding today is knowing they will give you a courtesy call as your court date approaches, ensuring you won’t miss the date, and won’t have to worry about those “more serious consequences.”

Beeline Bonding in MississippiA Beeline Bonding serves the entire state of Mississippi, and the entire state of Louisiana, so if you are in need of our services in either of these states, call us right away. We will make a BEELINE to you.

Please go to our CONTACT PAGE to call or email us for more information, or to have us come to your aid. Let us show you that our actions really do speak louder than our words.